v0.11.5 1/22/2021


You must reindex your categories and products by running

php artisan candy:products:reindex php artisan candy:categories:reindex

You should also run migrations

php artisan migrate

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed a missing class on the SyncWithBasketListener
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Eloquent resource was being returned when fetching shipping estimates.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect published_at date was being set when editing a discount
  • Fixed an issue when passing the search type as a singular string i.e. productwould break the searching. Now you can pass both the singular and plural versions.
  • General fixes to Discount editing and creation.
  • Tweaked offset calculation when searching on Elasticsearch.
  • Fixed aggregations not returning on search results.
  • Fixed invalid relationship call when returning activity log records.
  • Fixed default depth setting when getting a category tree.
  • The SavedBasketResource now includes the related BasketResource correctly.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented assets being added by YouTube or URL.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error if you tried to add the same YouTube video more than once to a product. Thumbnail naming was clashing, now we will get a unique name.
  • Fixed an issue which, when publishing a category draft, would cause child nodes to disappear.
  • Fixed namespace issue on PluginResource and PluginCollection.
  • Fixed an issue where a product or category wasn’t being removed from the search index when it was hard deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where not sending path when searching for a route gave a validation error. This should allow null.

🔀 Changes

  • High Impact Changed POST method on basket-lines/{id}/remove to a PUT request. This is so it matches the spec.
  • High Impact When filtering on multiple values, a pipe | should be used instead of a hyphen -
  • High Impact The way products/categories channel and customer group data gets indexed has changed.
    • Channels: Previously if a channel wasn’t published it wouldn’t get added into the document, this has been changed so that the published_at field is now indexed as a date. This will allow us to filter on these documents more accurately in the future.
    • Customer groups: Previously if the visible and purchasable fields weren’t set the customer group wouldn’t be added to the document, now these fields have been added as boolean types to again allow better filtering in the future.
  • Added count to the pagination response on search results.
  • Added draft filter on FetchProduct action.
  • Channel and Customer Group scopes will check if we are on the command line before resolving.

⭐ Improvements

  • Used eager loading when indexing instead of the query builder to boost performance.
  • Category filter has been added back.
  • Removed using the query builder to count products and children and use Laravel’s with_count instead to boost performance.

🏗️ Additions

  • Added provider_users table for association with payment providers.
  • BasketResource now includes the basket currency

💖 Thanks to

@ven7ura @Repox

v0.11.4 1/22/2021

This update only affects new installs.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with a missing foreign key constraint drop.

v0.11.3 1/18/2021

This update does not require any migrations to be run.

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where not having products assigned to a category prevented it from being published from a draft.

v0.11.2 1/12/2021

This update does not require any migrations to be run.

🐞 Fixes

  • Reverted two global scopes as these were conflicting with the nested set package. Once we can remove the package causing the issue this will be revised.
  • Fixed category filtering on search.

⭐ Additions

  • Added an inGroup helper for customers
  • Added sort field to CategoryResource

v0.11.1 11/16/2020

🏡 Chore

  • Remove full OpenAPI spec file from source control and generate in GitHub Actions
  • Sort OpenAPI spec endpoints alphabetically
  • Apply StyleCI fixes

💖 Thanks to

  • @glennjacobs

v0.11.0 11/16/2020

Release of current changes involving altering core to use Actions, introducing customers and driver based search functionality.

v0.10.2-beta 11/5/2020

v0.2.125 11/4/2020

v0.10.1-beta 10/2/2020

Fixes issues relating to the test runner and installer issues when adding states.

v0.10.0-beta 9/24/2020

This is a big merge from the develop branch into a new beta release. All v1 updates to date have been merged in.

This includes added support for Laravel 8

v0.2.123 9/8/2020

v0.2.121 8/5/2020

Fixes issue when merging guest and user baskets would cause products not enabled for the users group to persist

0.2.120 6/25/2020

0.9.12-beta 6/24/2020

0.9.11-beta 6/23/2020

0.9.10-beta 6/22/2020

0.9.9-beta 6/12/2020

0.9.8-beta 6/2/2020

0.9.7-beta 6/1/2020

0.9.6-beta 5/27/2020

Remove references to GetCandy\Api\Core\Auth\Models\User in favour of deprecation

0.9.5-beta 5/27/2020

High impact changes

This release of GetCandy see's the removal of Laravel Passport from the Core.

You can read more about this here:

And also the guides have been updated to reflect these changes:

0.9.4-beta 5/27/2020

0.9.3-beta 5/26/2020

0.9.2-beta 5/26/2020

0.9.1-beta 5/22/2020

fix merge issues

0.9.0-beta 5/22/2020

This is the initial beta release of GetCandy

v0.3.38 3/2/2020

Limits elastica version to 6.1.1

v0.3.37 3/2/2020

Version bump

v0.2.118 2/20/2020

  • [fixed] Fixed issue where renaming variant options would cause redundant duplications

v0.3.36 2/20/2020

  • [added] Added deleted_at to product resource